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An Indo-American Perspective on Dalit Lynching

I have lived outside India now for 36 years and have had the opportunity to observe the behavior of people from varied walks of life as well as from several countries and cultures. Cases of inhuman behavior by Humans are exhibited everywhere, here in the USA too, from time to time. Often a gang of white Supremacists will beat a non-white even causing death. The police are not always effective; in fact they themselves are at times part of the problem. On occasion the other side reaches its limit and takes revenge. When we have the opportunity to live in more than one country, certain ways of our Human Species become more disturbing as one no more has the luxury of blaming a particular group, though some cultures seem to be more prone to quick and cruel reactions than others. Often, encouraged by wrong interpretations of religion by unscrupulous leaders!

In the case of India, mostly the blame is ascribed to the Hindu caste system. Let me first say a little about this monumental subject as the whole incident revolves around misunderstanding of the issue. The भगवत गीता says rather clearly: “चातुर वर्ण्यं मयासृष्टं; गु कर्मा  विभागशः" - Gita 4.13

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